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Secure A School

By using SWORD, the world’s most intelligent detection and recognition platform, school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty. Mobilize security with real-time alerts and actionable intelligence.

  • Detect Concealed Weapons With Knightscan
  • Enroll Visitors With Shieldscan
  • I.D. Unauthorized Visitors
  • Intelligent Gunshot Detection
  • Integrated Alert System With Sentinel Guard


"This iPhone Case Detects Guns and Knives"

There are lots of iPhone cases out there but this one turns the smartphone into a high tech weapon detection device....

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"new tech that could help protect schools from gun violence"

"The case attaches to an iPad or an iPhone and transforms it into a device that can detect concealed weapon..."

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"Threat detection technology being tested across the country"

Watch the full WVTM 13 News interview by clicking the link below.

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Mobile Based Security Solution providing an IoT level of situational awareness, detection and recognition.

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What People Say

“A total market disrupter”

The Epoch Times

“Superhero associations and obvious security benefits”


“Will revolutionize the security field”


“A proactive security solution that even schools can afford”

USA Today